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  • Late Management Reporting
  • Manual & Time Consuming Report Generation
  • Timely decision making is challenging
  • Timely & Automated Reporting
  • Self-Service Reporting (no IT required)
  • Real time data to facilitate decision making

What Adaptive Insights' Clients Say

Bryan Williams, Associate Director – Strategic Planning And Analysis, La Jolla Pharmaceutical

“It used to take the finance team days to build the board reporting pack with all related financials, personnel plans, and the 24-month forecast.”
"Because of OfficeConnect automation, we're in the position to streamline our monthly variance reporting. It's allowing everyone to be so much more aware and engaged now in managing performance on a timely basis and understand how their plans are performing from a financial perspective.”

Melissa Miller, Accounting Operations Manager, Max Credit Union

“Before Adaptive we lacked the ability to easily compare various data sets in separate systems.”
“With Adaptive OfficeConnect, the reporting process has become much more efficient so that more of my time can be used for analytics.”

Brian Teets, Financial Systems Manager, Montclair State University

"Each month when we would run our monthly board reports, it would take over a week to compile these via Excel."
“Now it’s as simple as clicking a button. What really makes me smile is the reporting capabilities. There are so many other capabilities, but that really has been the huge game changer.”

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