A Single Source of Truth for your Planning, Reporting, Consolidation & Business Intelligence

  • No Single Source of Truth with Disperate Systems/Spreadsheets
  • Inaccurate Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
  • Manual & Time Consuming Planning Processes
  • Single Source of Truth in an easy to use system
  • Accurate Plans allow for risks to be avoided and opportunities to be seized
  • Timely & Automated Driver Based Planning

What Adaptive Insights' Clients Say

Mark Powers, Sr. Finance Manager,  Boston Scientific

“It became challenging maintaining the budget in Hyperion. Each time a business condition changed or a product was added or removed, we had to rely on technical coders in the IT organisation to customise Hyperion and re-run scripts. It was incredibly frustrating for the finance and business teams because we did not have clear visibility into what assumptions and business drivers were in place in the Hyperion scripts."
“After implementing Adaptive and rolling it out to our customers, the feedback was universally positive. Our users found it very easy to use and intuitive. They loved it! Now we spend less time dealing with system problems and IT delays and more time understanding how the model is structured and how it impacts the business. With 25 participants in the budget process, the level of access to information, transparency and collaboration has increased substantially. It builds confidence between stakeholders and the finance team.”

Andrew May, CFO

“The budget model attempted to capture all 20 individual cost centres and branches, resulting in a linked budget model of more than 60 different budgets. Managing the model in Excel was very difficult, as the sheets got larger and larger, trying to make a simple change in the Excel model was a nightmare. It would take more than a week to sanitise the information and even then it was difficult to compare actuals to plan."
"The professional look and feel of the application, coupled with the easy navigation throughout the application, ensured me this would be easier to use than Excel and would result in an optimised budget and improved reporting. The main advantages are time savings and a more reliable budget and rolling forecast that is kept up to date. Adaptive is a robust tool that is easy to use, brings value to the business, and saves a lot of time, making the budget process easier and more professional."

Christopher Reale, Director – Corporate Planning & Analysis

"The finance team relied on a fifteen tab spreadsheet that was distributed to department heads due to security challenges. As a result, the budget process had insufficient participation across stakeholders and there was no way to track progress on the budget by the individual. Managers were unable to view their budget data 'rolled up,' until it was loaded to the ERP system, and that only contained account balance data, not support schedule information like personnel or capital expenditures. The spreadsheet-based process did not allow any budget collaboration, as there was only one owner per file, and this really limited our ability to refine the information and come up with the best plan."
"After selecting Adaptive Planning in the summer (July), we were able to quickly get up and running on the application, roll out the solution to budget contributors, and develop an annual budget to submit to our parent company in Japan before the end of the year. Adaptive Planning is easier to use than spreadsheets and more accurate. We achieved an immediate ROI through the reduction in staff and time spent on the process. Adaptive Planning's what-if scenario modelling capabilities are far superior to Excel and we now have a greater degree of visibility into budget items and the details behind those items throughout the organisation."

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