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  • Raw data can be difficult to uncover trends and insights
  • Manual data collection and validation is time consuming & tedious
  • IT is required to source data and populate reports
  • Visually displayed data is easily consumed and understood
  • Data is directly integrated so it is automatically present in real time
  • Dashboards are built, maintained and distributed by business users, not IT

What Adaptive Insights' Clients Say

Zoby Shaikh, Director of FP&A, A10 Networks

"We needed to understand where bookings & gross margins are trending early in the quarter,"
"Adaptive Discovery enables us to easily analyse these critical daily metrics, and share that analysis with internal decision-makers so that they can course-correct anything that’s trending off target."

Rick Smith, Fp&A Manager, Engine Garden

“We were spending far too long on data mining and report production, it just wasn’t efficient”
"First, I have significantly reduced the time spent mining all of our data sources. Secondly, our cross functional teams no longer waste time debating the validity of one number from 3 or 4 systems. Ultimately, Discovery has easily provided over 2 days per month for the team to focus on analysis and decision making instead of data collection and discrepancy validation. On an annual basis, with 15+ decision makers, this equates to well over 3,000 hours where the team is focused on strategic analysis and making well informed decisions. That’s what drives business success."

Vince Aurora, Principal, Measurement And Improvement, Roy Hill

"We track over 500 metrics across our operations, and to remain agile we need to visualise these reasonably fast,”
“Adaptive Insights brings all of those key measures to life on a platform that can be changed quickly to ensure a constant focus on improvement.” “We can drill down into the data to see what we can do to improve. We can also make faster decisions and measure the impact of those immediately,”

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