A plan of action or blueprint designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

Engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field.

Strategy forms your blueprint – our expert consultants handle the rest

GK Horizons are experts in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Strategy & Consulting. Our focus is on improving your budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, consolidation & business intelligence processes.

It only takes three steps to revolutionise your Office of Finance: Blueprint, Build & Beyond.


  1. Learn

    Our Consultants spend time to understand your business, your challenges, your processes and your expectations.

  2. Design

    Our Consultants build a roadmap to take you from your current situation, to your desired state; boosting efficiency and providing transparency to your whole business.

  3. Strategy

    Using your Blueprint, we then work with you on aligning your plans with the needs and direction of the greater business.


  1. Create

    Our Build team design and create new processes and models with clear drivers; allowing you to make changes on the fly, in-line with your business and industry.

  2. Iterate

    Our Build team start building. Then they engage you, get your tick of approval, and then build a bit more. This means that you have input on every stage of the build, you learn as we go and you de-risk the project.

  3. Adapt

    We build solutions that are flexible and allow for changes to business rules, hierarchies and processes.


  1. QA & PM

    Quality Assurance and Project Management are the glue that hold successful implementations together.

  2. Support

    Our Beyond team are based in ANZ, not offshore, to provide ongoing support and ensure that you can always get answers when you need them.

  3. Account Management

    To ensure your ongoing success, our Beyond team will regularly share best practices, product updates, conduct account reviews and make introductions to our Technology Partners as you require them.

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