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Job Satisfaction – Free your finance professionals from hours of out-dated data collection and validation. Let them focus on what they do best: high value analysis and business partnering.

Promotions – Improve your capability, take on new challenges and drive the business forward; which will, in turn, drive your career forward.

Work/Life Balance – How much time do you currently waste on manual, tedious tasks? That time could be spent with your family, playing golf or even pushing for a promotion – it’s up to you.

As a finance professional, I am experiencing greater job satisfaction as I’m able to spend more time being strategic and creating value for our business.

Melissa Sutcliffe, National Manager of Finance, Engineers Australia


Timeliness – Cut down month-end reporting timeframes, ad-hoc and board reporting preparation and annual budget cycles.

De-Risk – Develop accurate plans so that your business can make smart decisions.  Building reports and plans with Excel is fraught with risk, avoid it and gain confidence in your data.

Automation – Create direct data feeds from your core systems, have reports and dashboards update in real time and eliminate manual effort.

Whenever you make a change, all of those changes can be pushed through so that you don’t have to constantly go through your work document [to] check which number may have changed.

Rohan Clementson, Senior Financial Analyst, Copyright Agency


Personal – It’s hard to perform at a high level when you are caught up in poor processes.  Supercharge your performance by replacing manual data work with high value analysis, project work, and building the competency of your team and the wider business.

Office of Finance – If each member of the finance team’s personal performance improves, the function itself will improve.  Imagine a finance team that has a “seat at the table” and is highly regarded as a business driver – not just a cost centre.

Company – An organisation is often steered by the Office of Finance. With timely, accurate data and easy-to-build scenario models; an organisation can make smart decisions, take advantage of opportunities and avoid threats.

Managers now have greater control and are much more engaged in budgeting and forecasting. It has made a huge difference, enabling senior leadership to make more informed and proactive decisions to drive the company forward.

Alistair Brown, CFO, Hill Laboratories

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