Case Studies

Engineers Australia

Reporting was manual and time consuming
Processes prohibited engaging and valuable analysis
Annual budgets were a complicated and lengthy process

About Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is a not-for-profit membership organisation that caters to the needs of engineers from all occupations and career stages.  With over 100,000 members, Engineers Australia is Australia’s definitive voice and preeminent industry body for engineers.

As well as constant advocating work, Engineers Australia also runs regular training events, to help further the industry as a whole; assist international engineers, who wish to become accredited to work in Australia; and care for Australian engineers who currently work overseas.

Previous People Pressures

Caring for the needs of Australian engineers and further such a vital profession and industry is a difficult task enough, without having to worry about regularly reporting back to 100,000 people.

As with many members organisations, the Finance Team at Engineers Australia weren’t receiving the technical support they required to efficiently report back to their members. These inefficiencies meant that they were constantly bogged down in either regular or reactive reporting processes. With their time spent churning through reports, the Finance Team weren’t getting enough time to focus on the work that adds real value.

The National Manager of Finance at Engineers Australia, Melissa Sutcliffe, knew that there had to be a better way.

Leveraging Performance

If there was any doubt in Sutcliffe’s mind that choosing GKH and Adaptive Insights, such doubts were certainly quashed when it came time for their next budget reporting process.

“Going through the budget process for the first time was really exciting. It was a defining moment because we knew that we’d made the right choice.” Sutcliffe added, “Our business managers have more control and they’re able to see the changes they make immediately.”

With Adaptive Insights installed and tailored to their specific needs by GKH, the Finance Team at Engineers Australia finally had the technical infrastructure they needed to focus on the more important things. Sutcliffe said that she also greatly benefited from streamlining her improved processes and automated reports.

On a personal level, as a finance professional, I’m experiencing greater job satisfaction as I’m able to spend more time being strategic and creating value for our business.

 Melissa Sutcliffe, National Manager of Finance, Engineers Australia