Case Studies

BAI Communications

Inefficient and error-prone reporting
Complex budgeting
Limited time for analysis

BAI Communications creates more time for analysis

Reliance on spreadsheets made accurate, consolidated budgeting and reporting increasingly difficult for BAI Communications and its growing business. Consequently, the finance team was spending too much time fixing broken links and consolidating cost centre data with very little time remaining to support the business with strategic analysis.

As our business grew, it became clear that we could no longer manage our budgeting and reporting with spreadsheets and Adaptive Insights was the best alternative for us. It offered all of the features we required and the right level of flexibility

Benjamin Gotta, General Manager, Group Planning and Reporting, BAI Communications.

BAI Communications engaged the help of GK Horizons to swap spreadsheets for the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud. GK Horizons provided expertise and support to establish a central chart of accounts and standardize planning and reporting across BAI Communications’ cost centres. Now, budgets and reports are more reliable and accompanied by value-added insight to drive continued growth.

“GK Horizons knew what we needed and had the expertise to help to turn things around quickly. Thanks to Adaptive Insights, the time we used to spend checking over spreadsheets can now be used to understand the meaning behind different numbers and offer more strategic support to the business,” said Benjamin.


  • Inefficient and error-prone reporting—Reporting data was manually entered into spreadsheets by multiple stakeholders, causing errors and broken links.
  • Complex budgeting—Lack of a common planning tool made it difficult to standardize planning across cost centres and deliver an accurate, consolidated budget.
  • Limited time for analysis—Time spent triple-checking and consolidating spreadsheets left the finance team with limited time for analysis to support decision-making.


  • Fast and accurate reporting—With no more broken links and manual data entry, monthly reports are turned around two days faster and present an accurate view of the business.
  • Streamlined budgeting—A shared planning tool allows for easier and consistent collection of data across cost centres to streamline consolidation of annual budgets.
  • Increased insight—The finance team has more time to spend analyzing budgets and reports to help the business make data-driven decisions.


BAI Communications designs, builds, and operates communications infrastructure that connects communities around the world, including cellular, Wi-Fi, broadcast, radio, and IP networks. In Australia, the company also owns and operates one of the most extensive transmission networks in the world, delivering broadcasts to 99% of the population.

Location: Head office: Sydney, Australia

Partner: GK Horizons

Product: Adaptive Insights for Finance