OfficeConnect Update Required

The GKH Team wish to advise all OfficeConnect customers of the new update procedure for new releases of OfficeConnect. This process must be followed as OfficeConnect will not launch using the outdated versions after the given notice periods.

Users with the Per-User version of the software installed will be notified when a new version is available and will be able to defer installing it for 30 days.

Users with the Per-Machine version installed will have 60 days to install the update from the time of the release. For the first 45 days, only users with administrative permissions will be notified. After 45 days, users will also start seeing daily notifications of an available update (refer example below).

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.35.39 pm.png

OfficeConnect will require the update to be installed by the date listed in the notification or it will fail to launch.

Please take a look at THIS PAGE and see the section entitled Update Requirements for full details on this.

We are aware that not all users with the Per-Machine version installed will have admin access to their machines, therefore relying on IT support to install updates, which requires a notice period.

In this situation, the IT team or person responsible for managing the updates should subscribe to receive email notifications of when a release becomes available. This can do done by checking the Administrator Notices box on THIS PAGE, to ensure they will be aware well in advance of an update needing to be applied.

We recommend ALL users responsible for OfficeConnect updates to subscribe to these email notifications as the notification is sent when releases become available.  Please do not rely on the user logging into OfficeConnect before the notification is triggered. The frequency OfficeConnect is used could dictate the notice period the user receives.

If you would like more information please contact us.

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