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You build a business like you build a house: first you need a blueprint - your finance strategy. Then we bring in skilled craftsmen with specialist tools - our consultants and technology.

And Why We Do It

Everything we do is designed to elevate your People, Processes & Performance. Happier people with great processes will deliver excellent performance.

Case studies

EFM Logistics

About EFM Logistics EFM Logistics launched back in 2000 as a freight brokerage service, providing freight and logistics services for smaller clients in the marketplace, via…

The business had nearly doubled their headcount, but not their finance team

Adaptive now automates the majority of EFM’s manual reporting

Budget reporting is now automated – saving weeks of labour costs

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Using Adaptive Insights at Cochlear, we’ve been able to free up the capacity of our finance team and re-invest time in more strategic analysis of what’s driving our business today, and where we’re headed in the short and long term.

John Plummer – Group Planning and Analysis Manager, Cochlear