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You build a business like you build a house: first you need a blueprint - your finance strategy. Then we bring in skilled craftsmen with specialist tools - our consultants and technology.

And Why We Do It

Everything we do is designed to elevate your People, Processes & Performance. Happier people with great processes will deliver excellent performance.

Case studies

Roy Hill

Roy Hill is a complex business with more than 500 metrics underlying its performance. Adaptive Insights helps it stay agile by bringing these measures to life.

“We track over 500 metrics across our operations, and to stay agile we need to visualize these reasonably fast. That’s the beauty of Adaptive Insights: It brings all those key measures to life.”

Complex business with more than 500 metrics underlying its performance

Need for instant visibility of metrics to improve performance and achieve targeted results

Need to ingest data from multiple sources and analyse it in new ways

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Process time has been reduced, integrity of and confidence in the data improved, manager’s engagement in budgeting has increased, and improved the organisations overall ability to produce meaningful profit forecasts.

Alistair Brown – Chief Financial Officer, RJ Hill Laboratories