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What We Do

You build a business like you build a house: first you need a blueprint - your finance strategy. Then we bring in skilled craftsmen with specialist tools - our consultants and technology.

And Why We Do It

Everything we do is designed to elevate your People, Processes & Performance. Happier people with great processes will deliver excellent performance.

Case studies

Allpress Espresso

The processes behind the perfect cup – how GKH helped Allpress improve their processes

“[Allpress] can be quite a complex business with the way things are flowing in and out [such as] the inputs and outputs, and some of the terminology is a bit hard to understand, but [GKH] picked it up really quickly.”

GKH customised a single source of truth that would work for all teams

Switching to Adaptive Insights’ cloud-based platform provided the business with a fast and stable system

GKH built scenario testing capability into Adaptive Insights to allow the business to conduct rapid scenario testing

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With Adaptive Insights we’ve been able to reduce the time taken to produce our cost centre and management reports by 75%, while encouraging our management team to take accountability for their numbers. Having grown rapidly leading up to the Adaptive Insights project, we simply outgrew Excel and needed a solution that could support our future growth plans.

Philip Dowman – Global CFO, IFM Investors