Why get Forecast Fit?

We all agree that being able to accurately predict the future would be an extremely beneficial super power. Generating the best possible financial forecast will provide your business with the best possible prediction of the future on which to base your business decisions. Being Forecast Fit will improve the basis on which business decisions are made, encourage employees to regularly review their performance and targets, reduce costs and improve your overall business performance.


What is Forecast Fit?

Being Forecast Fit refers to the ability to generate financial forecasts as frequently as required and as accurately as possible, with minimal effort from your employees.


What is Adaptive Planning?

Adaptive Planning was the first module in Adaptive’s product set to be developed. Offering the flexibility of Excel with the security, control and visibility of an application based solution. Adaptive Planning provides the following features:

  • Formula driven budgeting and forecasting,
  • Driver based planning,
  • Rolling Forecast,
  • Sales Forecasting and Sales Planning
  • Flexibility to configure business specific models,
  • Automated real time roll ups,
  • Connectors to all General Ledgers and CRM systems available on the market.


How to get Forecast Fit?

Like all resolutions to improve, getting Forecast Fit requires the right motivation and the right advice. However, with GK Horizons and Adaptive Planning, getting Forecast Fit does not require an expensive large software implementation. Adaptive Planning is an easy, fast and affordable implementation built by finance professionals for finance professionals.

Adaptive Planning will help you get Forecast Fit by:

  1. Reducing the time and effort required for each forecast cycle,
  2. Consider more frequent driver-based forecasting,
  3. Better business management with improved visibility.

Application based B&F solutions are now more affordable than ever with Adaptive Planning - a cloud based SaaS licensed Business Planning solution. Adaptive Planning offers customers an alternative to large complex on-premise applications and hard to maintain Excel solutions.

Our hands on business knowledge in combination with system implementation experience enables GK Horizons to help you achieve your goals.

We start by listening to you tell us about your business, your process and your priorities. We will then show you a demonstration of our products and answer any questions you have about ourselves and our solutions. Finally, we will provide you with a proposed business solution including best practices relevant to your business.

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