What is Adaptive Insights?

Adaptive Insights is the leader in cloud based and SaaS licensed Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications offering a 360˚ view of your business – past, present and future.

Adaptive Insights provides a cloud-based budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation and reporting solution that is best described by the following terms;

Fast: Cloud based applications require no installation effort as the software is already installed on the hosts hardware. Implementations are typically completed in weeks not months or years. Upgrades are provided on a regular basis at no additional cost.

Easy: Built by business users for business users, the Adaptive product set does not require any scripting or coding. Business users who are proficient in Excel can easily take ownership of the solution with very little reliance on IT skills.

Affordable: Cloud based applications have a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to the large on-premise applications. On-premise applications require the customer to purchase additional hardware and employ IT resources to maintain the hardware, both representing additional costs that are reduced with cloud based applications due to the shared cost model.

Flexible: Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are affordably priced with flexible terms. User numbers can be modified on an annual basis as your company changes. Customers are not locked in to licensing terms and upfront payments that are never returned once purchased.



Adaptive Insights Benefits

Adaptive Insights will deliver the following benefits;

  • Reduce your planning cycle times allowing you to forecast more frequently
  • Reduce the effort spent and the cost of planning each cycle
  • Improve data quality through driver and formula based planning
  • Improve ownership of budget targets
  • Enable timely and thorough what-if analysis
  • Improve data access through data visualisation and analytics
  • Reduce the time to close the month and provide faster insight into performance

The low total cost of ownership of Adaptive Insights reduces the cost barrier to improving the performance of your business.

Why did we choose Adaptive Insights to partner with?

It's very simple: Customers will love it.

Adaptive Insights has been developed with affordability, easy of use and flexibility in mind from the onset. Together with Adaptive Insights customer service and continuous product development (a new release is applied every quarter at no extra cost), it is no surprise to us at GK Horizons that Adaptive Insights is experiencing a huge surge in interest, sales and growth.

As a result, the Adaptive Insights market share is growing faster than any other on-demand CPM application.

If you would like to know how Adaptive Insights can benefit your business please contact GK Horizons.