GK Horizons' Vision

People   Promotions, Job Satisfaction & Work/Life Balance

Processes   Efficient, Automated, Fast & Accurate           

Performance   Improved Financial Performance & Insights


Grow Your Business with the Cloud


We can help you reduce cycle time and improve the quality of your business critical information.

The total cost of ownership for the Adaptive Insights product suite is 70% less than the large on-premise CPM applications.

We appreciate that Excel based solutions are flexible and familiar to all employees. Excel is a powerful application for personal tasks and analysis. However, when used in a process that requires collaboration between multiple people and company-wide distribution several challenges soon become apparent.

Excel based models can be restrictive when the company grows, whether in terms of business complexity, number of users or planning frequency and detail.

This growth results in increased maintenance effort and cost, and leads to longer cycle times for the financial consolidation, and budgeting and forecasting processes.

In these situations, progressing off of Excel onto an application for your financial consolidation or business planning provides enormous benefits such as

  • reducing cost and effort
  • improve data quality
  • allowing more detailed and more frequent forecasting (rolling forecasting)
  • introduce driver based forecasting
  • provide all the application features of auditability, a single source of data, data security, workflow, process control and process visibility.

The move off of Excel onto an application is evolutionary that is now more affordable than ever with Adaptive's cloud based and SaaS licensed product set - Adaptive Planning, Adaptive Consolidation and Adaptive Discovery.


Cloud based SaaS


Our solutions are Fast, Easy, Affordable and Flexible. Thanks to acceptance of cloud solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing terms, customers can now achieve operational efficiency at very affordable and flexible terms.

Fast: Cloud based applications require no installation effort as the software is already installed on the hosts hardware. Implementations are typically completed in weeks not months or years. Upgrades are provided on a regular basis at no additional cost.

Easy: Built by business users for business users, Adaptive product set does not require any scripting or coding. Business users who are proficient in Excel can easily take ownership of the solution with very little reliance on IT skills.

Affordable: Cloud based applications have a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to the large on-premise applications. On-premise applications require the customer to purchase additional hardware and employ IT resources to maintain the hardware, both representing additional costs that are reduced with cloud based applications due to the shared cost model.

Flexible: Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are affordably priced with flexible terms. User numbers can be modified on an annual basis as your company changes. Customers are not locked in to licensing terms and upfront payments that are never returned once purchased.



The team behind GK Horizons has been providing financial solutions throughout the world since 1996.

Comparing our business experience to that of an elite athlete, our employees have played in the professional leagues and since retired from the field for a coaching position to pass on our experience to others.

Using our experience of having worked with many industries and products we have searched for the best products to support our customers through the financial consolidation, financial planning and reporting process.

Our past business, IT and software implementation experience together with the Adaptive Planning products are available to our customers to get their processes lean, fit and operating at their peak.

Get in touch to see how GK Horizons can help your business.